Plymouth Ice Center

20-21 #1 (Fri) 6:30-7:15 am

  • 20-21  #1 (Fri)  6:30-7:15 am

Plymouth Ice Center

20-21 #1 (Fri) 6:30-7:15 am


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Surpass Your Competition with Before School Small Group & Private Lessons. One Day Per Week Throughout the School Year. Various Arenas.


Time: 6:30-7:15 am
Days: Friday Mornings
Dates: Dec 4, 2020-Mar 26, 2021

Dec 4th   6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Dec 11th  6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Dec 18th  6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Dec 25th & Jan 1st - OFF

Jan 8th   6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Jan 15th   OFF

Jan 22nd  6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Jan 29th  6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Feb 5th    6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Feb 12th   OFF

Feb 19th   6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Feb 26th   6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Mar 5th    6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Mar 12th   OFF

Mar 19th   6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)

Mar 26th   6:30-7:15 am (Rink B)