In order to improve any skill, we must get back to the basics with the emphasis on time and quality repetition. Hockey players cannot enhance their skill level by playing games or being “selected” for the next elite league. There is no system of play that can overcome improper skating technique, inaccurate passing or shooting, or inferior stick handling. Structured skill development is necessary for continuous improvement.

It’s crazy to think we can develop highly skilled players when the game to practice ratio is unbalanced in favor of games. There are no shortcuts when it comes to developing hockey skills.   The foundation has to come first and must be continually improved upon throughout a skater’s career. Drills are not enough.  Skaters must execute the finest detail of a skill and then continually perform those skills fundamentally correct. Training focusing on technique and form is essential for players to become fast, powerful, quick and efficient skaters.

It is our belief that in order to improve any skill, we must provide two essential elements: time and quality repetition. We are more than just a two-week hockey school; we seek the committed player who wants to improve their skills and the speed at which they perform them. We believe in teaching the work ethic necessary to get results. We show each player how to get stronger and faster on the ice and through dry land training. Skaters work hard and results are conclusive.

When you combine hockey-specificity with an intense work ethic, you will enjoy the benefits of what I see every summer - players who improve more in 3 months than they do the rest of the year combined.

John “Buzz” Bazzachini