We take great pride in not only teaching and developing the fundamental skills, but also teaching the discipline and industriousness necessary to be the best player one can be. Many skaters have come through our program and here is what some of them have to say about that experience.


I’ve been a part of Buzzhockey for nearly 20 years now and without hesitation can say that it has been the most influential piece of my hockey career. I am privileged to currently play in the American Hockey League for the New York Rangers minor league affiliate. I don’t know if this would have been possible without Buzzhockey as a part of my development. The skill set that I developed, and continue to develop through Buzz’s training has helped me to continue my hockey career post college and hopefully someday to the NHL. Buzz does a great job at covering all aspects of the game from on and off ice development of hockey specific skills, to understanding how the game is to be played that greatly increases in-game awareness. 

One of the things that makes Buzz’s training so unique is that apart from exceptional skill development you are getting a very personable coach. I would challenge anyone to find a coach that knows as much about the game as Buzz and also cares about the development of the individual outside of hockey as much as Buzz. Over the past seven or eight years I have also coached with Buzz and consider myself fortunate to assist in the development of kids.

I was never gifted with exceptional skills in any area of the game but through Buzz and the consistencies of his program, I’ve been able to achieve levels that might otherwise have not been possible.

                                                                                                   Chris McKelvie


Our son Grant started skating with Buzz when he was five years old and continued through youth hockey. Buzz uniquely blends hard work and fun to provide young hockey players with a solid foundation in skating, stick handling and game situations. We believe that the skill development working with Buzz has helped him compete at various levels at a game he loves.

                                                                                        John & Cheryl Besse


I started attending John Bazzachinin’s Hockey Training when I was very young, and attended the camp every summer until my playing career at Minnesota State University, Mankato was finished. I also am proud to say that I was a part of the Bazzachini coaching staff for almost 10 years. It was always a dream of mine to play in the WCHA, and then coach in the WCHA, and I truly believe that I would not have achieved either dream if not for Buzz and his hockey school.

As a player, the innovative training techniques and camp format were absolutely crucial for my development. Buzz understands exactly which skills are necessary to play at the higher levels of the game and knows how to teach them. The format of the camp allows players to develop athleticism, be involved in other sports, and still improve their hockey skills over the course of the summer. Buzz is the best youth skill development coach I have ever seen.

Now as a Division 1 coach I am even more impressed by the things that Buzz has taught me, as they are the same things that we are still trying to teach our college players. Players that attend Buzz’s camp will be ahead of the game as they will be learning the same things that players at the highest levels of the game are learning. So many players are not taught properly about how to train and how to play the game, however, Buzz does teach these things.

I consider Buzz a mentor and a close friend and he has truly helped me achieve things in hockey I never thought possible. The most important thing about Buzz is that he genuinely cares about people and will not only be able to make someone a better hockey player but a better person as well. I could not give a better recommendation then to Bazzachini’s Hockey Training.

                                                                                                  Ryan McKelvie, Director, Head Coach Wenatchee Wild Development Teams


I have 3 daughters that skate with Buzz during the summer and also Friday mornings at Orono before school throughout the school year. They have continued to skate with Buzz for the past 7 years because they realize the impact his training has on their game. My older 2 daughters are now playing High School Hockey and know that much of their skill and success has come from quality repetition with good instruction provided by John and his staff.

                                                                                              Lee Martini


My name is Martin Janata, from Prague, Czech Republic. I went to the Buzz’s hockey training school 3 summers and I developed every time my hockey skills. When I was 19 I went to the Open Camp for a Junior A team Southern Minnesota Express. After the camp they told me that I won’t probably make the team but I can try to come to the Invite camp 1 month later. I knew the best thing for me would be to complete Buzz’s hockey training between those junior A camps. After a month skating with Buzz I was totally better player and finally I made the Junior A team. In Europe, we are not used to train so hard and Buzz’s drills helped me a lot especially with all kinds of skating skills. I suggest it to everybody, who has a hockey dreams and wants to become a better player.

                                                                                                 Martin Janata