In 1986, Buzz and a fellow coach were discussing the difference in skills between hockey teams from northern Minnesota, and those in the metro area.   The northern teams were not as deep, nor did those programs have the same numbers of kids playing in their communities; however, what the north lacked in quantity, they made up for in quality.

Their conversation evolved into the question of what could be done to improve the skill level of both youth and high school players in the metro area.   Influenced by his college coach, John Matchefts, as well as friend and mentor, Jack Blatherwick, John concluded that in order to improve any skill, two essential elements must be provided: time and quality repetition.  This had to be provided in an environment that challenged participants to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, while maintaining quality form and technique.  Drills would be designed to repeatedly focus on the fundamental skill level, yet in a challenging environment that maintained the interest of the skater.   The environment also provided a time element (6-9 weeks) that would allow enough time for the skills to become second nature to the participant.  From that conversation, Buzzhockey began.  

The foundation and basics of the first curriculum have not changed much over the past 25 years.  It remains our belief that kids are not mastering the fundamental skills.  There is more opportunity today and kids are bigger, stronger, and potentially better players, however, the emphasis is more on games and systems than it is on continually improving the fundamental skill level.

Today Buzzhockey has grown into a year round development program helping our players focus on the necessary components of quickness, agility, speed, balance, reaction skills, strength and technique.